Marketing Plan For Senior Services And Products

Can you summarize your marketing plan in 2 sentences? Does everyone on your team know the plan? Do they know their objectives? Do you know where the money and time goes, and why?

If not, let us help you reinvent your marketing plan from the ground up. We'll work with your team to inspire them towards greater clarity, and deliver a smart and understandable written plan that meets your objectives, without any additional budget or people.

  • Generations Now can give you extreme clarity on your marketing priorities and help you keep the trains running on time. When we co-create your marketing plan, you get:
  • Clear and motivating goals for everyone on your team
  • Defined strategies, specific action plans and measurable outcomes
  • A framework for deciding "do/don't" when considering new activities

Senior services and products for older adults are prolific. The noise level is high, and so is confusion. You can serve more seniors, and improve the lives of more people, with a solid plan. Your people and mission are your advantages. Your budget and the calendar are your constraints. Generations Now understands the opportunities and the playing field. A clear marketing plan will help you realize your mission and your vision.

Incredibly clear and doable.
Can't wait to share this with the Board!

Generations Now creates the marketing plan with you in 3 phases:

  1. Facilitated Workshop that inspires your team and sets a clear vision and action plans.
  2. Written Plan -- We write up and deliver your plan. Included are the vision, messages, priorities, actions, and day to day calendar for the next month or quarter. This plan is extremely clear, useful and easy-to-understand for everyone on your team, from board to advisors to interns and volunteers.
  3. Momentum Meeting -- Together we'll review accountabilities, calendars and get roadblocks unstuck.

Generations Now offers marketing planning for companies of all sizes -- from hundred-million and public companies to small non-profits . Contact us for a 10-minute to call to see if this is right for you.

If your organization is very small, or you are an unfunded startup (or are a do-it-yourselfer), we also offer group facilitated workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area. Join us and we'll help you create your own marketing plan. Contact us to find out when you can participate.

Do It Yourself

Start your own marketing plan with this template.
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